The Walking Veteran, Thomas Hudson, at The US Capitol
The Walking Veteran Wagon
Walking for Change
The Walking Veteran Wagon

The mission is to bring AWARENESS to the American people; to LEARN from veterans, to HONOR and to DELIVER the message to our elected officials.

The Walking Veteran is a symbol of America coming together in support for all veterans regardless of the issues. We are all veterans either by military affiliation, family members or friends of veterans. Our walk in life will be judged by how we gave of our selves, talents and resources for those just causes that are deserving of everyone who enjoys their freedom. What can you do to make that walk in your community? 

Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran speaking in Congress


Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran, Honoring Bryan Carpenter

Bryan has been and still is determined to beat all the odds the doctors ever gave him, and so far, he has done his best at achieving that. Although, he still struggles every day with his PTSD, his Traumatic Brain Injury, and the pain from his physical injuries caused in combat. He has dedicated his life to Physical Therapy. Although he may struggle with his combat injuries, he never lets the injuries limit him. He strives every day to help others. He is an inspirational speaker; speaking to school shooting victims, middle school students, open events, etc. He is a gym trainer, and MMA Coach; trying his hardest to help people achieve their goals after suffering the pain he had gone through from his goals and dreams being destroyed. He was Bouncer at night clubs, went to the Fire Academy, threw out the Ceremonial Opening Pitch in 2012 for the Cleveland Indians, he has even been the Grand Marshall in his hometown parade.   Learn more about this hero at:

Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran, took this inspirational book with him Across America to collect autographs in honor of Bryan Carpenter.   Bryan did not know in advance that The Walking Veteran was doing this and The Walking Veteran has not and does not benefit from any sales of the book.  This is all about honoring a veteran who has endured so much for his country and who is the inspiration for The Walking Veteran to continue The Walk Across America even against all odds.  After reaching Washington, DC, The Walking Veteran will return the book to Bryan Carpenter which has autographs from people that include governors, mayors and many others.

Thank you Thomas Wayne Hudson for taking my book across the country with you and getting it signed by so many important people

Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran, had stoped to show honor love ones whose names were submitted (living or deceased) by praying and then posting a picture of The Honor Certificate

Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran, honoring loved ones during The Walk Across America
The Walking Veteran visits The United States Air Force Memorial to honor Colonel James W. Crabb, SR in Arlington, Virginia for his birthday on November 14th.
Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran, honoring loved ones during The Walk Across America



Congressman Jeff Miller, FL Chairman, Veterans Affairs
Rep. Jeff Miller, FL
Congresswoman Dina Titus, NV Ranking Member, Veterans Affairs
Rep. Dina Titus, NV
Congressman French Hill, AR
Rep. French Hill, AR
Congressman Pete King, NY
Rep. Pete King, NY
Rep. Hank Johnson, GA
Rep. Hank Johnson, GA
Rep. Markwayne Mullin, OK
Rep. M. Mullin, OK
Representative French Hill (R) District 2 Arkansas
Representative French Hill (R) District 2 Arkansas
Congressman French Hill, Arkansas District 2, invites The Walking Veteran to The House of Representatives to present the official Congressional Record Honoring The Walking Veteran.

The Walking Veteran is very appreciative for the efforts of Congressman French Hill, District 2 Arkansas to help veterans with all the power of his office. Congressman Hill took the time off from work to walk with The Walking Veteran. He had the opportunity for AWARNESSNESS and LEARNING about the purpose for  The Walk Across America”. That is what this is all about; delivering our message to the American people and to our elected officials. Thank you Congressman Hill for your dedication and committed work for our veterans.” Thomas Hudson, The Walking Veteran.

U.S. House of Representatives
Congressional Record, House of Representatives honoring Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran

Rep. French Hill


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Thomas Wayne Hudson, The Walking Veteran intensively covered by the Journal Record
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