VA Scandals
10 Oct

Abuse of Veterans Exposed

In the year of 2015 had conducted three investigations of VA contract facilities. In tactics of investigations had also included inhouse uncover, disguised as a patient, to expose the allegations of abuse to our veterans.

In the year of 2015 had conducted three investigations of VA contract facilities. In tactics of investigations had also included inhouse uncover, disguised as a patient, to expose the allegations of abuse to our veterans.


You will hear in the video that the director had known about the van for months. Temperatures in Las Vegas have been in the 112 degrees range.  In the van temperatures reach 130 degrees and the only widows that can open is the front driver’s side window.
The video was taken on Friday, June 26, 2015. Two veterans with respiratory problems where transported 15 miles to the VA Hospital.  On had past out coming out of the van.
The van also has many other serious problems as well.
That day Veterans March had left a voicemail message with the state elder abuse office stating: “should the van not be shut down immediately then we will be in court on Monday seeking and injunction.  Should someone die in that van then that would be negligent homicide.  That is a crime.”
The social worker/liason from the VA knew about this van but is part of the cover up.

That Friday after noon, the van was taking out of service and the a notice was posted stating:  “At Redrock, safety is priority #1”.   When did safety become priority number one?

 Before viewing this video, please watch from the view that this disable veteran is your mom or dad.
Also imagine that you are a member of congress and you are aware that the VA is paying $3,900.00 per month for a VA contract facility (Redrock Residential Care, 5975 W. Twain, Las Vegas, NV) to care for veterans.
A VA social worker had also refused to review this video or even hear evidence of abuse when requested by the veterans. Ask fineourself if this treatment acceptable or non acceptable.
Please comment.  It is time to bring awareness of how our VA is treating veterans.  Let us all make is video go viral.


Due to the serious nature of transporting patients in Redrock’s van and putting lives in danger as well as the conduct of a VA social worker Veterans March had decided that all the abuse must be exposed immediately.

As a result of exposing the abuse on Veterans March website a representative from the governor’s office had became aware of the abuse.

A phone conversation from the governor’s office and Thomas Wayne Hudson had resulted in the state sending in a complete team from two state departments for an unannounced inspection.  The inspection was conducted on July 2nd and 3rd.

The administration of Redrock was in disbelief that the inspection team had Mr Hudson walking around with them throughout the facility.  The inspection team has now gone back in last week.

There are so many violations by Redrock and the inspection team had discovered that Susan Sowers, director of Redrock, had given so many false statements to the inspection team.

In our continuing post we will report how Redrock had harassed Mr Hudson as a result of reporting the abuse.  Also, the last story will reveal the conduct and cover-up of a VA employee who had over site of Redrock.


Veterans March has learned that a criminal complaint against a Las Vegas VA license clinical social worker has been filed with the Veterans Affairs Police.

The complaint states that Ann M. Gregorio, LCSW with the Las Vegas VA did commit the federal crime of “false charting”.  False charting is knowingly charting false information into medical records with the intent to defraud.

Ann M. Gregorio is the social worker that had refused to listen to a veteran and even look at acquire evidence of abuse and crimes towards veterans.

By refusing to listen to a veteran and reports of abuse she had violated the license requirements for a social worker, state law and put lives in danger.

Veterans March had reviewed the transcript of the meeting between Ann Gregorio and the veteran pleading with her to look at the evidence.  The statements of the veteran and the transcript review a very different story than what she had entered into the veterans medical record.

Ann M. Gregorio is the VA liaison to Redrock Residential Care Center.  The center is a VA contract assisted living facility costing the VA $3,900.00 per month for the veteran.

Please review previous published stories by Vetrans March concerning this disturbing story of veteran abuse.