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11 Jul


Congressional Record

(House of Representatives – July 11, 2016

[Page H4580]
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  (Mr. HILL asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. HILL. Mr. Speaker, earlier this month, I had the pleasure of 
meeting Thomas Wayne Hudson. Known on Facebook as The Walking Veteran, 
Mr. Hudson is walking across the country to raise awareness for the 
issues facing veterans as they transition from military life to 
civilian status.
  Mr. Hudson, who is a disabled veteran, started his journey in Las 
Vegas on May 2, and plans to finish on Veterans Day here in the 
Nation's Capital.
  While walking with him, I quickly became inspired by his dedication 
to his fellow veterans. Despite returning to civilian life, Mr. Hudson 
has dedicated his time, energy, and resources to help fellow veterans, 
and his mission is a testament to the never-ending spirit and 
selflessness of our Nation's veterans.
  Mr. Hudson told me that a big part of the reason for the walk is to 
catch the attention of our Nation's elected officials. The Walking 
Veteran deserves our attention and support, and I am pleased to share 
his story with my colleagues in the House. I encourage all to follow 
Mr. Hudson's journey.

                  Congressman French Hill, Dist. 2_ Arkansas