Daniel Cox, The Junior Walking Veteran
19 Nov

History of Daniel Cox Inspiration Day

Daniel Cox Inspirational Award Day

History of Daniel Cox Inspiration

A journey back in time and a renew inspiration for today.
During my 3rd grade class year in Texarkana, Texas an amazing event had occurred that became endowed in my mind all my life. We seem to never forget the impressional memories from our childhood. Go back with me in time and perhaps my story will bring back memories of your’s also.
That year in 1960 Oaklawn Elementary had a school wide collection drive to support Toys for ToTs. That organization is part of the heritage of The Marine Corps.
The Marines had came to our school and met with the entire student body. Some were dressed if fatigues and some dressed in the military’s sharpess uniform, the Marine dress blues. In my mind there are endowed memories of the little girls looking up at those Marines seemingly in stardazed amazement and the little boys telling each other that one day they will wear a uniform like that. Good memories from childhood are awesome to carry with you throughout life and even for an old veteran Walking Across America.
What about when the opposite occurs when a child leaves an impressionable memory with an adult? Let me tell you about a boy going into the third grade that is so inspirational that the memories are forever endowed in my mind.
In the month of June, 2016 while walking into the town of Henryetta, Oklahoma I was doing a video comentary for The Walking Veteran group. During the commentary I had noticed a young boy, followed by his mother, coming up to me with two bottles of water. Was it by fate that after talking to someone, earlier at a store, about my memory from the third grade that a boy going into the third grade had cared enought to bring me water? Perhaps and perhaps not. What is important is the act of a boy gave an overwhelming empression to The Walking Veteran, that a renewed inspiration to go on had given hope for a just cause.
Mayor Jennifer Cummings Clason had proclaimed July 8, 2016 as “Daniel Cox Day” in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Mike Doak, President of The Henryetta Historical Society, had presented the original Walking Veteran Wagon on behalf of The Walking Veteran.
You have read of The Walking Veteran’s memories from the days of when I was in the third grade. The Marines (Toys for ToTs) had left an everlasting memory that has been endowed within my mind. As an adult, it is my responsibility to build good memories for our young people. Daniel had look up to me and listen attentively to my experiences of my walk and as a veteran. What he didn’t realize was that he was creating good memories in me.
In searching for inspiration, I would pose that someone who inspires is someone who has the ability to articulate what can be as opposed to what is. When I examine the figures of inspiration in my own life, I am struck by their ability to articulate and envision a world of what can be in contrast to what is. I think that inspirational figures can expand an individual’s moral imagination and capacity for what can be done. Daniel had done just that.
What Daniel didn’t and others didn’t know was that The Walking Veteran was in a lot of pain and a very swollen leg while he was in Henryetta. Daniel cared and he helped without reservation. During lunch he gave the invocation and prayed like he was an adult with passion that of a sant.
The Mayor’s Proclamation states his acts of kindness. Going way beyond the scope of a young child who gave up his opportunity to go swiming, Daniel personifies what the spirit of America really is.
It is The Walking Veteran’s extreme pleasure to be apart of creating a memory that will go with him and he will look upon veterans in a favorable manner just light the Marines did for me.
The Walking Veteran wishes to thank Mayor Clason, Mike Doak, the parents, Amber Baldwin and Chase Cox for making it possible to make this day Special for Daniel Cox.