Oreilly's Auto Parts Store
18 Nov

O’Reilly Auto Parts Supports The Walking Veteran

O’Reilly Auto Parts, store number 4096, in Alma, Arkansas is a big supporter of veteran.  The support is not only evident in the customer service but also proudly displayed in their stores.

Matthew Hoffman, O'Reilly Store 4096 manager is proud to make sure that veterans know about O'Reilly's discount for veterans.

Matthew Hoffman, O’Reilly Store 4096 manager is proud to make sure that veterans know about O’Reilly’s discount for veterans.

Thomas Hudson, The Walking Veteran, who visited the store was given the red carpet treatment with the donation of a special battery for the new Walking Veteran Wagon.  The battery is a Super Start Power Sport AGM gel battery and is used to power the lights on The Walking Veteran Wagon.  The newly outfitted wagon, which became a symbol of hope for veterans during The Walk Across America, will debut in the northwest Arkansas area in support of Fred Potter, JusticeForFredPotter.com

Hudson stated that  “The O’Reilly store in Alma, Arkansas has my highest grade for customer service and superior products.  The management, Matthew Hoffman and Shelly Fraizer are steadfast in their core beliefs that respect and customer service is key to what will make America Great.  It begins at home!  I encorage all veterans to visit O’Reilly Auto Parts store and tell them that The Walking Veterans sent you”.

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