The Walking Veteran Press Release
18 Jun


The Walking Veteran goes to Washington, DC

The Walking Veteran, Thomas Hudson, will be speaking at The University of Central Arkansas.

Hudson has been invited by The Arkansas Veterans Network, Inc. (AVN) in association with to be the guest modorater for the  AVN Legal Discussion Forum.

The event will be held at The University of Central Arkansas-Downtown, 1105 West Oak St. Conway, Arkansas, 72035

Date:  June 22, 2019

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Theme:  Protecting Our Senior Veterans From Financial Harm”

The AVN Legal Discussion Forum is in response to the growing problem in Arkansas of financial harm to our senior veterans.

The Walking Veteran, is the Founder of Veterans March and had agreed to go to Arkansas and oversee the Justice For Fred Potter operation during the past year long Veterans March investigation. Hudson also, due to taking a high profile in cases across the country, does have controversy caused by people who have published online fake and false information. Wherever The Walking Veteran goes he does invite everyone to come out and see his real military records, college transcripts, and other items. He is very open to meeting everyone and explain the work that he does.

The Walking Veteran will also lead a discussion into the Veterans March investigation into judicial corruption that has effected several of our senior veterans.  He is expected to reveal the details of the report known as “The McCormick Report.”

Other cases that have become controversial will be discussed,

MEET AND GREET THE WALKING VETERANSpecial guest will be present for the event.

The Legal Discussion Forum will encompass proposed legislation known as “The Fred Potter Senior Citizen Financial Protection Act.” 

Senior veterans have been victims of financial scams ranging from internet scams, family scams, and judicial misconduct.

AVN is at the forefront of bringing awareness and taking action to better serve our senior veterans.


We spoke with The Walking Veteran…

“I do this because I do not see any other veteran doing it for his fellow brothers and sisters.  As long as there is veterans suffering from various issues and scandals I will put myself out there until they all are helped.  I don’t let up”

“To all of those people who have published false and fake information about me I once again invite you to come out and see my REAL military records, college transcripts and other records.  This people have never taken me up on my offer and I don’t expect them to know.  From the times that I was an advocate for senior citizens, child protective rights, animal rights, and now veterans I have been attacked for taken the highroad.  It goes with the territory.  The ones that I get upset with the most is veterans who hide behind their organizations because they are too scared to make a stand against injustice when it comes.  Be strong and stand for something.”  The Walking Veteran”

The Walking Veteran, along with his support staff and the support team for Veterans March had planned and coordinated the Veterans Walk in Solidarity in Waldron, Arkansas.  The event was a show of solidarity for Korean War Veteran Fred Potter.  Leading the walk is Mikel Brooks, board members and members of We Are The 22 along with many other veterans and supports.