30 Nov

Summary-The Walk Across America

               Summary                    The Walk Across America

During The Walk Across America starting May 2, 2016 to arrival in Washington DC, October 16, 2016 The Walking Veteran had talked with 736 veterans individually.  This figure does not include groups.  Individual contact was done in person and some was done by online contact.  Out of the 736 individual veterans 216 impact statements where created.  The impact statements are as a result of veteran’s stories that rose to the level of abuse, neglect, and/or corruption.  (Example: veterans who had waited years for benefit claims possibly came under the category of neglect and/or corruption depending on the elements involved)

WhIle in Washington DC, The Walking Veteran had first met with congressional staff with the House & Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs.  On the House side the Veterans Affairs Committee has subcommittees known as Oversite & Investigations for Heath and Benefits.  The Senate committee does not have sub-committee.

During the sessions with congressional investigators the following topics were discussed:

1:  abuse, neglect and corruption within the VA on a case by case discussion.  To substantiate claims secret recordings where presented along with the 216 impact statements taken during The Walk Across America and 652 impact statements previously accumulated by VeteransMarch.org

2:  Deportation of Veterans

3:  Personnel hiring practices and training.

4:  The Washington Iron Wall.  This is known as the three elements that play a major role in the lack of effective legislation for veterans.  Those elements include the VA, unions and the leadership of veterans organizations (not the organizations themselves)

5:  Recommendations not to fix the VA but to restructure the VA.

6:  Past legislation with specific discussion of the Accountability Act and the Choice Act including how the VA uses the legislation to it’s advantage and not the veterans.