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08 Aug

Veteran walks across the nation to bring awareness of VA abuses

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Veteran walks across the nation to bring awareness of VA abuses

The Walking Veteran on Atlanta News

The Walking Veteran Walking For Change.

Thomas Hudson, the Walking Veteran, is a disable Vietnam Era veteran is walking across the nation from Las Vegas, NV to Washington, DC. in order to bring awareness of Veterans Administration (VA)  abuses and to rally congressional leaders to make the necessary changes instead of a band aid approaches.

Here, Hudson speaks with CBS Atlanta News on what his goal and mission is.

Hudson stated, “Because of the tactics of the VA to ignore and vilify veterans who attempt to report abuse, he utilized his education, training, and work experience to investigate and to bring awareness to the VA abuse and “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

Hudson’s background includes education, professional experience had includes law, criminal justice, health administration, finance, business administration, business owner, health care, mortuary science, politician, computer science, transportation logistics, and educator, and in other words, “They messed with the wrong veteran”.

As Hudson walked across the nation, he was in Atlanta recently and some were not to kind to him, something that veterans experience from time to time. After leaving the CNN center Hudson had entered The Centennial Olympic Park and spoke with several veterans and upon departure, Hudson had walked by a production crew and was shocked on what he encountered.

Out of curiosity, Hudson asked a crew-member what they were doing. The crew-member, after learning who Hudson was, took him up front to be on the show. The woman that was interviewing people saw Hudson and said: “no, no, no”.

Hudson said, “It was very humiliating in front of everyone. I stepped back and when I started doing a video commentary, the crew started to get upset. I crossed the street and the crew crosses then does the same and a crew member yells out that no one is to talk to the man in the red shirt, which was me.”

Hudson has also set up a GoFund me account which can be found here.