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17 Sep


Please Donate Today To Support The Walking Veteran

The Go Fund Me account shows an amount that is the total amount raised since April 2016.  It does not show the balance.  The Walking Veteran lives on a disability and uses that income to help finance The Walk Across America because the mission is so important for ALL veterans.  It is a myth that veteran organizations provide lodging for The Walking Veteran.  The VFW did provide lodging in Little Rock, Arkansas.  That was the only location that the VFW has generously provided lodging accommodations.

The mission is important and the cost is great.  Please consider making your donation today.  Thank you


Hotels are necessary for oblivious reasons.

The Walking Veteran has occasionally camped in a pup tent and has even slept on top of the wagon over night.

The Walking Veteran has been sponsored in some cities by organizations, companies and generous donors.  However, that has only been in a few cities.  The importance of staying in a motel is for environmental, health, and hygiene reasons.  When The Walking Veteran meets with Governors, Mayors and other leaders there is a need to stay in a hotel near by to the meeting location.  With the heat and humidity of the summer walking to these meetings from far away is not productive to the mission.  Below is an example of hotel cost…hotelreipt motelreceipt


Supplies is another major expense which are kept to a minimum.  Usual supplies, other than personal items, are batteries, flags and supplies related to the maintenance of the wagon such as zip ties and for flat tires.  The rear lights on the wagon are powered by four 9 volt batteries which has to be changed regularly.  Those batteries average around $16.00 for four.

The Walking Veteran gives out small US Flags.  There has only been one Walmart that has donated the full cost of the flags.  Other stores will give a discount.  The following is a receipt for 100 flags from Walmart which includes a .75 cent discount.

Receipt for US Flags    US Flags The Walking Veteran